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Zooming Into Your Digital Event Strategy: Using Webinars vs. Meetings

Explore the nuances of Zoom Webinars versus Meetings for your digital event strategy. Discover the pros and cons of each, from focused content delivery to interactive collaboration, along with the valuable data they generate.

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, two powerhouses have emerged as essential tools for connecting with your audience: Zoom Webinars and Zoom Meetings.

 But when the time comes to choose between them for your digital event strategy, how do you decide? 

Let's explore when to use each, their pros and cons, and the valuable data they can generate.


Webinars: The Digital Stage for Your Content


  • Focused Content Delivery: Webinars are perfect for when you have a central speaker or panel sharing insights with a large audience. It's your digital stage, with the spotlight shining bright on your content.
  • Audience Control: With attendees muted by default, you maintain control over the event’s flow, minimizing unexpected interruptions.
  • Engagement Features: Polls, Q&A sessions, and chat features allow for interactive but controlled audience participation.


  • Less Personal Interaction: The structured nature of webinars can limit spontaneous interactions, making them feel less personal.
  • Technical Challenges for New Users: First-time participants may need help navigating webinar features, potentially impacting their experience.

Data Insights: Webinars offer rich data, from attendance rates and engagement metrics (like poll responses and Q&A participation) to attendee demographics. This information is gold for understanding what resonates with your audience and tailoring future content.


Meetings: Where Interaction Sparks


  • Interactive and Collaborative: Meetings are the go-to for interactive sessions where everyone’s input is valued. Think brainstorming sessions, team catch-ups, or small workshops.
  • Flexibility: With everyone able to share video and audio, Zoom Meetings facilitate a more dynamic and spontaneous exchange of ideas.
  • Breakout Rooms: They can enhance interaction by allowing participants to split into smaller groups for discussions.


  • Harder to Manage Large Groups: As the number grows, so does the challenge of managing participation without things getting chaotic.
  • Potential for Distractions: With everyone able to speak and share video, distractions are more likely. To create a memorable first impression to keep attendees engaged, check out our guide here.

Data Insights: Meetings can provide data on participant engagement and contribution levels, offering insights into the most active and influential members of your community or team.


The Power of Syncing Data to Your CRM

Regardless of the format you choose, the key to leveraging your digital events lies in the data. By syncing data from Zoom Webinars or Meetings to your CRM, you unlock the potential to create targeted lists, insightful dashboards, and much more. For our top-picks of dashboards to have on hand, check out our guide here.

This sync ensures that every interaction in your digital events translates into actionable insights, helping you refine your marketing strategies and drive engagement.

For marketing teams, this means a goldmine of data to segment audiences, personalize follow-ups, and craft content that hits the mark every time. It's about turning every attendee, question, and interaction into a piece of the puzzle that completes your understanding of your audience.


Harness the Power with event•hapily and HubSpot

Now, imagine giving HubSpot the power to harness all this data effortlessly. That's where event•hapily steps in, seamlessly integrating your Zoom webinar OR meeting data (yes you read that right!) with HubSpot. 

This powerful combo propels your digital event strategy forward, ensuring you're not just hosting events but creating meaningful experiences that resonate with your audience and drive your marketing goals.

With event•hapily and HubSpot, you're not just organizing events; you're building a community, fostering relationships, and gathering invaluable insights every step of the way. 

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