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Seamless Meets Spectacular
Native Event Management in HubSpot

Are you tired of drowning in the chaos of event logistics? It's time to ditch spreadsheet shuffling and platform-hopping and welcome a seamless event management experience inside HubSpot — freeing up more of your time to focus on what truly matters: creating unforgettable experiences.

If you're looking to easily manage events in HubSpot, you've come to the right place.

The behind-the-scenes magic that transforms any in-person, virtual, or hybrid event into an unforgettable experience is what our app brings to the table seamlessly within HubSpot.

From large conferences and conventions to virtual webinars and meetings, and even intimate customer appreciation dinners and fundraisers, effortlessly manage them all within HubSpot without the hassle of mastering extra tools.




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Lunch & Learns





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Virtual Events










User Groups

Manage the Entire Attendee Experience Under One Roof in HubSpot.

From initial planning and to post-event analysis, orchestrate every detail, engage attendees, and gain invaluable insights — all within the platform you already use every day.

No More Spreadsheets

Eliminate spreadsheet chaos once and for all. event•hapily transforms how you manage events by simplifying everything from event logistics, registration, session management and data collection to website updates and analyzing ROI for any kind of event — all integrated seamlessly within HubSpot.

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Update Details on the Fly

Easily maintain websites and calendars with the most current event information. Say goodbye to the hassle of updating details across multiple platforms; your audience stays informed with all the latest news, while you get more time to focus on your event strategy.

Streamline Communications

Unlock the full potential of Marketing Hub. Harness the power of segmented lists combined with HubSpot's email and paid advertising tools to craft personalized, automated communication flows — elevating attendee, sponsor, and speaker engagement like never before.

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event hapily Zoom integration

Sync Zoom Data in Realtime

Automatically sync data and attendees from your Zoom meetings and webinars to HubSpot for a seamless virtual event experience from start to finish.

Nail Down Event ROI

Curious about webinar engagement rates, attendee stats, attribution or the overall ROI of your last event? Unlock insights from powerful data points, simplifying decision-making and making your planning process a breeze.

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No Hidden Fees — Ever.

Our pricing is based on the number of registration records in your portal, ensuring you only pay for what you need. 

No matter if your events grow from 50 to 50,000, we've got you covered every step of the way. 

"The best thing to happen to HubSpot for event management since ... ever."

See why event•hapily is the leading native event management app in the HubSpot App Marketplace.

Features to Help You Master Event Management at Every Stage


Segment registrants, sponsors, and speakers to send relevant event updates, deliver resources, or solicit feedback.

Website Updates

Keep your website and event calendars up-to-date with the latest session and speaker information on the fly.


Generate reports and dashboards based on registration, attendance, engagement, completion rates, ROI and more.

Capacity Management

Automatically turn off forms when events end or reach capacity and display messages in their place with ease.

Custom Objects + Properties

Unlock custom objects & properties to ensure event and attendee data is meaningful, labeled, and associated properly for easy reference.

Lead Attribution

Know what event your contacts are coming from, where they are going, and automatically attribute Deals to Events based on attendance.

In-person, Hybrid, or Virtual Events — There's a Solution for You.

No matter what type of event you're tackling, event•hapily supercharges your strategy to create a seamless experience that goes above and beyond for both you and your attendees by utilizing the HubSpot tools you already know and love.

In-Person, Virtual, and Hybrid Events

Transform any event, whether in-person, hybrid, or virtual, into a seamless experience. Simplify your event management with effortless registration, payment collection, and check-ins — all in one powerful system.

Perfect for:


Conferences & Tradeshows

Turn your industry event into a seamless experience, whether it's in-person, hybrid, or virtual. Manage your event effortlessly with simple registration, payment collection, session selection, and hassle-free check-ins — all in one powerful system.


Live Courses and Trainings

Take control of your courses and trainings while elevating attendee engagement and learning experiences. Centralize registration, track attendance and completion rates, and dynamically promote your programs with the click of a button.

Field Marketing Activities

Fill your calendar with activities that align with your pipeline goals like never before. Leverage segmentation to streamline invitations and effortlessly gather advanced attribution data for a variety of events, including customer dinners, lunch & learns, roadshows, and beyond.

Professional Development Workshops

Streamline your coaching, training, and development operations from scheduling to payment collection — fully integrated with your website, empowering growing practices to look professionally and offer top-tier services.


Webinars & Digital Events

Create a seamless, interactive experience for webinars, virtual workshops, and online meet-ups. Engage and grow your audience effortlessly, bridging the gap between digital engagement and creating meaningful connections.

(Oh, and did we mention an automatic Zoom sync for webinars AND meetings?)


Education & Training

Take control of your trainings while elevating attendee engagement and learning experiences. Centralize registration, track attendance and completion rates, and dynamically promote your programs with the click of a button.

Live Events

Simplify every aspect of managing your live events, from the initial announcement to collecting registrations and payments, through to on-site check-in and real-time event updates — all seamlessly connected with your website and CRM system.

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