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Maximize the Impact of Your Field Events

Gone are the days of juggling a full field marketing calendar while watching pipeline fall through the cracks. With event•hapily, it isn't just about making event management simpler, but smarter and more connected to your goals.

Do you know what events are helping you reach your goals?

Don't let a scattered event management process cloud your strategic vision.

Imagine a calendar that syncs in real time for easy last-minute adjustments, reducing your workload by having forms automatically disable when events reach full capacity, and access to deep attribution and ROI insights for future event planning. 

This isn’t just about managing events; it’s a strategic approach to marketing that fosters connections and drives conversions. And with each tailored event, you're not just meeting your pipeline goals — you're exceeding them.

Olivia and large ticket

"Seriously though, in true hapily form, the plug and playability this app has to support something as complex as event management is so satisfying."

Chris Carolan
Conveying Your Message

No Matter Your Event Needs — We've Got You Covered
From Attendance Reports to Zoom Sync


Segment registrants, sponsors, or partners to target relevant event updates.

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Robust Custom Objects

Lean on out-of-the-box custom objects to keep all of your event data organized inside HubSpot.


Capacity Management

Automatically turn off forms for past events or when events reach max capacity.

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Generate reports based on attendance, frequency, follow-up conversations and more.

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Discover what events generate leads and which deals they influence with clear-cut attribution.


Onsite Check-In

Validate registration for badges while tracking attendance and capacity.

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Event Website

Keep your website up-to-date with the latest event details.

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Zoom Sync

Automatically sync meeting & webinar data from Zoom, keeping your lists updated in real-time.


Budget Management

Easily track event costs to ensure you stay within budget

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"The best thing to happen to HubSpot for event management since .... ever."

See why event•hapily is the #1 HubSpot native event management app in the marketplace.

Squeeze More Value Out Of Your Events from Day 1.

Increase the efficiency of your event planning process, freeing up more time to focus on the things that make your field marketing strategy truly exceptional.


Centralized Data

Streamline event management activities and attendee data within HubSpot, cutting out unnecessary tools while boosting data accuracy and availability throughout your company.

Enhanced Engagement

Deliver personalized and engaging experiences throughout the event lifecycle to improve relationships with prospects, customers, and partners, fostering higher satisfaction and loyalty.

Insightful Analytics

Gain key insights about event effectiveness and attribution, equipping your team with the reports needed to assess event ROI and implement a data-driven approach for future planning and improvements.

Scalability & Reliability

Transform your event management operations with customizable workflows, real-time updates, and reliable automated processes that save time, reduce errors and minimize oversights.


What is event•hapily?

How is event•hapily priced?

How are the number of registrants in my HubSpot portal calculated?

Does HubSpot sync historical data from Zoom?

What happens if I delete registrants?

What happens if I delete an event in Zoom that already synced to HubSpot?

What HubSpot requirements are needed for event•hapily to work?

I have a small team and can't set everything up myself, can I get white-glove onboarding support?

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Level-up Your Event Management Strategy with event•hapily  

Unleash the full potential of your field marketing events with the ultimate all-in-one HubSpot event management app.



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