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10 Reports Every Event Manager Should Have On Their Dashboard

Master event management with our curated list of essential CRM reports! From attendee demographics to session popularity, uncover the insights you need to optimize every aspect of your event.

CRM analytics act as a guide. When problems arise, questions need answers, and plans are being made, having a dashboard of your most important information can help alleviate some of the decision making stress.

With how powerful these systems are, choosing the right data to keep on-hand can be overwhelming at times. We’ve put together some important data groups that are specific to event managers and their industry.

From qualitative to quantitative data, here are our picks for your dashboard must-haves:

  1. Attendee Demographics Report
    • This report offers a window into the diversity of your event's audience, breaking down data by age, profession, geographic location, and more. Such insights are valuable for tailoring event content, choosing the right speakers, and even selecting the most appropriate event themes and activities that resonate with your audience.
  2. Registration Trends Report
    • By tracking how and when attendees register, you can see the patterns and trends that could be useful for promotional strategies. Identifying peak sign-up times and slower periods are one way to inform your next push for marketing efforts! If boosting engagement is tough, this is a great first step into addressing the problem.
  3. Attendee Engagement Report:
    • This report measures how attendees interact with different aspects of the event, from session attendance to app usage and social media engagement. These insights help refine the attendee experience, ensuring each moment is engaging and impactful.
  4. Feedback and Satisfaction Report:
    • Reviews and feedback post-event, from impressions, satisfaction levels, and improvement suggestions provide good direction for your next event. For more information about future-proofing your event, check out our tips here!
  5. Email Campaign Performance Report: 
    • Email marketing is an effective form of event promotion. As you analyze open rates, click-through rates, and conversions from your campaigns, you can use the data to maximize your event’s potential through an informed strategy.
  6. Session Popularity Report: 
    • Knowing which sessions captured your attendees' attention (and which didn't) is important for planning future content. This report highlights the hits and misses, allowing you to curate future events that align more closely with your audience's interests and preferences.
  7. Social Media Interaction Report:
    • Gauge the buzz around your event on social platforms. Which posts are starting  conversations, and how does social engagement translate into actual event interest and attendance?
  8. Cost-per-Acquisition Report:
    • Understand the cost involved in attracting each attendee. This analysis helps in budget optimization and ensures a higher ROI on marketing spend.
  9. Conversion Rate Analysis:
    • Delve into the effectiveness of registration pages and promotional materials. Which calls-to-action are attendees clicking on, and what drives them to take the plunge and register?
  10. Lead Source Report:
    • Pinpoint which marketing channels and efforts are yielding the most event sign-ups. This insight is invaluable for allocating resources wisely in future campaigns.

By harnessing these CRM reports, event planners can navigate the complexities of event management with confidence. See what common mistakes and problems using your CRM can alleviate here. Each report sheds light on different facets of the event, from planning through to execution and review, ensuring no stone is left unturned in the pursuit of excellence.

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