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Unlocking Advanced Event Management in HubSpot with Custom Objects & event•hapily

Discover how HubSpot's custom objects with the help of event•hapily can revolutionize your event management strategy, enabling seamless integration of virtual, in-person, and hybrid events directly within your CRM.

Event management demands precision, flexibility, and innovation. With the advent of virtual and hybrid events, the complexity of event management has only increased. 

However, every aspect of your event strategy — from planning and pre-marketing to registration, communication, and post-event analysis — could be managed within the familiar confines of your CRM. 

Thanks to HubSpot’s custom objects and the integration capabilities of event•hapily, this is not just a possibility; it's a game-changing reality.


Custom Objects: The Key to Tailored Event Management:

HubSpot's custom objects offer unparalleled flexibility to store, track, and manage data that's unique to your business processes. For event management, this means the ability to create bespoke structures that cater specifically to the intricacies of planning and executing various event formats. Here's how you can leverage custom objects to elevate your event strategy:

  1. Comprehensive Event Details Storage:

Store detailed information about each event, including type (virtual, in-person, hybrid), topics covered, speakers, and logistics. This centralized data repository ensures that your team has instant access to vital event details, facilitating smoother planning and execution.

  1. Registration and Signup Insights:

Track registration data, attendee preferences, and signup progress within custom objects. This allows for targeted marketing efforts and personalized attendee experiences, enhancing engagement and satisfaction. For our tips on how to rock a first impression, click here.

  1. Personalized Communication Triggers:

Utilize custom objects to trigger tailored email communications based on specific attendee actions or milestones, such as signing up for a session or expressing interest in a topic. This level of personalization ensures that your attendees feel valued and informed throughout the event lifecycle.

  1. Attendance and Engagement Tracking:

Monitor attendee participation, session attendance, and overall engagement in real-time. By storing this data within custom objects, you can quickly adjust event strategies to maximize engagement and identify areas for improvement.

  1. Event-to-Deal Attribution:

With custom objects, attributing revenue and deals directly to specific events becomes straightforward. This capability provides clear insights into the ROI of your event strategies, enabling data-driven decision-making for future events. For more ideas about attribution, check out our page here.


Embracing the Future of Event Management with event•hapily:

The integration of event•hapily with HubSpot's custom objects signifies a leap forward in event management within a CRM. This powerful combination simplifies complex processes, turning HubSpot into a central hub for managing every aspect of your event strategy with efficiency and ease.

Whether you're orchestrating an intimate webinar or a grand hybrid event, the tools for success are at your fingertips, all within the HubSpot ecosystem. Dive into the future of event management with us and discover how to make your events more impactful, insightful, and integrated than ever before. 

Reach out today and join the revolution in event management — let's make every event an unforgettable experience!