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Elevating Your Event Attribution Game with HubSpot

Dive deep into attendee behavior, preferences, and engagement patterns to refine your event strategy. From tracking session participation to spotting repeat attendees, discover how advanced insights can elevate your events.

Understanding the behavior of your attendees will allow you to have a clearer vision of how to best serve them. Where do your participants come from? What sparks their interest? What keeps them coming back? How is this activity influencing revenue? HubSpot can give you a solid starting point with analytics, but let us take a closer look at your audience’s journey. 


Deep Dive Into HubSpot OOTB Analytics: A Closer Look

Ever wonder how some events seem to hit just the right note with attendees? Behind every successful event, there’s a powerhouse of data ensuring everything ticks perfectly.

It’s not just about collecting data; it’s about unlocking the stories your data tells. From figuring out which marketing channel brings the most attendees to understanding what is influencing your bottom line, HubSpot helps you dive deep into the data and come out with insights that really make a difference. 

Out of the box, HubSpot provides you with some great starting points:


  • Original Source Data: Think of HubSpot as your event’s detective. It doesn’t just gather clues; it helps you piece them together. Whether the leads come from email blasts, social media posts, or straightforward website visits, HubSpot shows you exactly which channels are winning over your audience. This means you can keep doing what works and tweak what doesn’t, making sure your event promotions are spot-on.

  • Import Source: Import Source enriches your insights, helping you see patterns and trends you might miss otherwise. Want to know which of your campaigns is the secret sauce to attracting your target audience? HubSpot’s analytics let you compare, contrast, and conquer your marketing goals with precision.

Data Organization and Analysis

  • Segmentation: HubSpot’s segmentation tools are like having a GPS for your marketing strategies. They help you navigate through your audience, organizing them by behaviors, preferences, or demographics. This makes your communications not just targeted, but tailor-made for each segment of your event goers.

  • Custom Properties: Custom properties in HubSpot are your personal bookmarks. They help you mark and track unique aspects of your events—like how many attendees loved the keynote or which sessions were hit. This tailored tracking is key to making your next event even more aligned with your audience’s likes and needs.

  • Event-Specific Dashboards: These dashboards are your control center, giving you a live feed of all the vital stats—how many have registered, who’s attending what, and what’s getting rave reviews. They’re essential for a real-time look at how your event is performing and where you can boost the experience.

Leveraging Data for Strategic Decisions

Armed with insights from HubSpot, making strategic decisions becomes less of guesswork and more of a guided journey. You’ll know which speakers are crowd-pullers, which topics spark the most interest, and how your audience interacts with your content. It’s like having a roadmap that shows not just the path but also the hidden shortcuts to success in event management.


Next-Level Insights: Going Beyond the Basics

While HubSpot lays the groundwork, diving deeper into your event marketing data can reveal even more about your audience's preferences and behaviors. Here’s how you can enhance your strategy:

  • Session Participation and Preferences: Tracking which sessions your attendees choose gives you insight into their interests, helping you tailor future content to match these preferences.
  • Spotting Repeat Attendees: Identifying who comes to your events time and again helps you recognize your most engaged audience segments. Use these attendees for more insight into what makes your events successful, and which of your contacts benefiting from your events.
  • Utilizing Associations: Associations ties all your data together, helping you uncover hidden gems of information. Whether it's pinpointing which contacts from your target accounts are event regulars or figuring out which events are driving revenue through deal association, these connections are key to unlocking valuable insights.
  • Organizing your data: Take a look at our recommendations for useful dashboards, specific to events management here. In terms of attribution, demographics and attendee engagement are a great place to start!


The Game-Changer: How event•hapily Enhances HubSpot

Here’s where event•hapily steps in, seamlessly integrating with HubSpot to take your event attribution to the next level. Imagine having the tools to not just see the broad strokes of your audience's journey but also the intricate details of their engagement patterns. With event•hapily, you can:

  • Capture Comprehensive Data: Go beyond standard analytics with custom objects that track detailed interactions, preferences, and behaviors.

  • See the Full Story with Advanced Associations: Understand not just how attendees arrive at your events but what they do once they're there, how they interact with your content, and what keeps them engaged over time. Take it one step further by automatically associating attendees with Deals so you can paint a full ROI picture of your events.

  • Make Informed Decisions: Armed with this enriched data, you can allocate your resources more effectively, honing in on the strategies that truly resonate with your audience.

Your Blueprint for Success

Getting a grip on event attribution doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With HubSpot's powerful analytics as your foundation and event•hapily’s advanced capabilities as your toolkit, you're equipped to map out the journeys of your leads and attendees.

Dive into the world of detailed attribution with event•hapily and discover how understanding the nuances of your audience's journey can lead to more engaging, impactful events. Book your demo today!