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How to Boost Event Attendance & Engagement with a Little HubSpot Magic

From crafting personalized invites to building anticipation with smart lists, learn how to maximize engagement before, during, and after your event.

The job of an event manager is not an easy one. From time spent organizing to brain power used for creative efforts, events take a lot of work. Getting people in the door, chat, call, session, etc., is what makes the effort worthwhile. Let us help you with some great tips on maximizing your event attendance using HubSpot.


Crafting Dynamic Invites That Pop

First impressions count, and your event invitation is no exception. With HubSpot’s dynamic pages, you can craft invites that adjust content based on who’s viewing them. You can send an invite that speaks directly to each recipient’s preferences or past event interactions. It’s like receiving a handwritten note in the age of digital clutter—a great way to grab attention.

For more information on first impression tips and tricks check out our guide here.


Building Anticipation with Smart Lists

The key to keeping your event top of mind? Personalized, timely communication. HubSpot’s smart lists segment your audience based on criteria you set—think past event attendance, interaction with specific content, or even demographic details. This segmentation means you can tailor your messages, whether it’s a reminder email that feels like a nudge from a friend or a social media post that hits just the right note.


Pre-Event Tasks: Setting the Stage for Success

  • Social Media Buzz
    HubSpot’s social media tools let you schedule posts that build anticipation. Share behind-the-scenes peeks, speaker spotlights, or intriguing polls to spark conversations and keep your event in the limelight.

  • Countdown Emails
    Nothing says “you won’t want to miss this” like a countdown. Use HubSpot to send out countdown emails that not only remind but excite. From reminders, event changes, new details, and benefits for attending, countdown formats are a tried and true way to keep people engaged and pumped for your event.

  • Engagement via Blogs and Content
    Leverage HubSpot’s content management system to publish blogs or articles related to your event theme. It’s a subtle way to engage your audience, provide value, and remind them of the upcoming event—all at the same time.

The Day Of: Making Every Moment Count

Now that you’ve got their attention, make sure the event itself is seamless and engaging. Use HubSpot to check in attendees, send out real-time updates, or even manage live Q&A sessions. The goal? Make every attendee feel seen, heard, and valued.

Post-Event: Keeping the Momentum Going

The conversation doesn’t end when the lights go out. Use HubSpot to send thank-you emails, share event highlights, and distribute feedback surveys. It’s about creating a cycle of engagement that keeps attendees connected to your brand, eager for your next event. Creating dashboards that give insights on an event's success is a great way to inform your next strategy!

To see a longer list of our top-picks for dashboards, click here.


Why It Works

Using HubSpot to increase event attendance isn’t just about filling seats; it’s about building a community. It’s turning attendees into participants, participants into fans, and fans into ambassadors. With the right strategy, HubSpot doesn’t just help you host an event; it helps you create an experience.

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